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Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturers

In addition to edibles, beverages, and oils, there are numerous marijuana infused products and treatments that aren't FDA-approved, therefore not covered by standard insurances.

Including Product Liability

Cannabis Dispensaries

Protecting you and your business by covering all aspects of
your dispensary, from the product to the property.


Because events are typically held off-site, regular coverage
does not ensure safety and protection. Green Harvest Insurance provides coverage for event exhibitors.

  • Event relocation coverage

  • Event cancellation coverage

  • Product coverage

  • Equipment coverage

Marijuana Growers

Covering your crop through all three stages of growth against theft, building/water damage, explosions, lightning strikes, and other potential dangers.

Three Stages of Plant Growth

  • Living Plant Material

  • Harvested Plant Material

  • Finished Stock

Cannabis Landlords

Green Harvest Insurance provides insurance coverage to those who own buildings that are leased to others in the cannabis industry, be it a shop, grow facility, medical marijuana dispensary, etc.

Medical Marijuana Physicians

Often, physicians covered under standard insurance plans are not covered to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. Green Harvest Insurance offers insurance to cover physicians who provide non-FDA approved procedures, therapies, and medications.

We cover all of  medical marijuana liability needs including malpractice insurance.

Including Medical Marijuana Malpractice Insurance

Ancillary Cannabis Businesses

Green Harvest Insurance also offers coverage for marijuana-adjacent businesses.

  • Hydroponic stores

  • Testing labs

  • Glass blowers

  • Tobacco shops & head shops

  • Smoking device (e-cigarettes, vaporizers) manufacturers

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